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Coach-Amanda Danna


Kaylee Smith
Cammie Harden
Michalynn Miller
Brittney Montgomery
Lakyn Powers
Alexis Bryant



Players: Which position do you play? What is your favorite part? What do you do to improve your skills at practice? Is volleyball an intense sport? Are you and your teammates competitive? Do you win or lose as a team? What does winning or losing feel like?
Kaylee Smith Libero Getting a bump, set, and spiking The 7th and 8th grade teams scrimmage each other Yes Yes, we love to win Losing sucks, but you learn from your mistakes. We win and lose as a team.
Morgan Nalley Outside hitter You get to play with friends and make cheers The fundamentals, serving and learning the spot you play Yes Yes, winning is the goal Winning is great, but losing sucks. We win as a team and lose as a team, there is no "i" in team.
Brittney Montgomery Outside left Everything, especially spiking and serving Pay attention and do what the coach tells me to I think it is pretty intense Yes, we love to win It feels terrible to lose and winning feels pretty good. We win and lose as a team. There is more than one person on a team.
Lakyn Powers N/A Spiking, diving and serving the ball We run, serve, spike, block, and bump the ball 50 times in a row Yes Yes, we hate losing Losing is tough, and we can't focus on losing one match. Winning is amazing, and I think we win and lose as a team.



Coach Danna's Questionnaire
Do you like volleyball in general? Yes
Did you play in high school? Yes
What is your favorite part of being a coach? Watching the girls improve
Is coaching stressful? Yes, anytime you have 12 girls working hard there is going to be some stress
Would you ever recommend coaching? Yes, it is very rewarding