Three girls standing in a group talking to an older women

South Harrison Community School Corporation’s College & Career Readiness Department recently shared 57 high school students already have internship placements for the upcoming school year and 3 students have career training opportunities lined up for this summer.

This academic year 52 students participated in internships during the school year and 8 last summer.

Jennie Capelle, Director of College & Career Readiness, said internships provide students invaluable skills they can’t always learn in the classroom but have to gain through life experience.

“By students’ senior year, they will have likely participated in at least one internship and you can see it start to click: to get hired and keep a job, you have to be professional, have good communication, show up on time and come to work every day,” Capelle said. “While we teach these in the classroom, it takes seeing these soft skills first-hand in the workforce for it to start sinking in, and that’s what these internships provide.”

Capelle said there are still opportunities for local businesses to partner with SHCSC to provide student internships for the 2022-23 school year. The CCR Department is looking for the following placements:

  • Agriculture (4);
  • Business (3);
  • Computer Science (2);
  • Construction (4);
  • Education (3);
  • Engineering (1);
  • Health Science (13);
  • Human Services (13); and
  • Manufacturing (3).

To learn more about becoming a business partner and offering a student internship, contact Jennie Capelle or Manda Graff at or